As part of the Bundara Park Pty Ltd Group of companies, Complete Uniform Solutions has developed from a clothing manufacturer in the 1990s to a leading supplier of corporate uniforms, healthwear & hospitality clothing across Australia. We’ve been creating beautiful styled and tailored team dressing solutions utilising technology in fabric, combining fashion trends in design. Our cohesive collection has grown to include the leading brands such as NNT, King Gee, Barco, Greys Anatomy, Chef Works, Biz Collection, Stencil, Pierre Cardin and more.


Complete Uniform Solutions is a vital part of Australia’s corporate and franchise landscape. Complete Uniforms is, and has been, proudly associated with thousands of strategic projects with both large and small businesses nationwide, over many decades … and every time we consistently deliver quality branded uniforms and Workwear.

Complete Uniforms specialise in supply to our multi-location customers. We offer National solutions delivered locally. Our experience with multi-location business customers, often with some offices in regional locations, ensures the delivery of a pre-approved uniform range to all staff, regardless of location.

Our approach is to co-ordinate a clothing range that delivers your branding message as well as being suited to the type of work – fit for purpose uniforms!.

Our comprehensive uniform range includes; shirts, polos, srubs, aprons, boots, belts, jackets, tshirts, caps and more, catering for hard-wearing industries, medical, retail, hospitality, aged care and administration roles.

Complete Uniform Solutions provide businesses with the complete supply chain package for promotional and uniform range, by successfully managing the pick, pack and delivery. We process thousands of orders a week, which is why we have the latest order management technology, fulfilling all orders with speed, accuracy and most importantly, efficiency.

It only takes a few seconds for the right impression to be made; it is our aim to add value to your brand and image so the right impression is communicated to your target market. Whether it be ensuring your employees look and feel good in their uniforms or providing creative promotional merchandise we are your business partner to deliver your unique market position.


Complete Uniform Solutions delivers a high-quality uniform solution to our customers , on time, according to budget and within specifications. Our experience in delivering services has resulted in the development and implementation of a methodology that controls all quality requirements to supply uniform contracts. We are experts at supply to multi-location and multi-department business. Our approach and methodology is based on the following:

INTERNAL SYSTEMS : Complete Uniform Solutions applies a range of internal systems and processes to ensure that all vital elements to delivering quality product are effectively controlled and managed. :

· Purchase order receipt process that allocates individual job order numbers creating a transparent system

· Capacity to track purchase orders regardless of submission methods including email, fax, EDI, phone or in-person

· Order process from the manufacturer including analysis of lead times

· Interaction with the customer to manage any decoration requirements

· Delivery to procurement representatives

These systems have been developed to ensure that each aspect of the ordering and delivery process is managed in accordance with exact specfications and requirements. Automated processes are utilised to reduce lead times and deliver a more accurate and transparent process.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Building on the internal systems presented above Complete Uniform Solutions has a proven commitment to deliverying quality customer service. Elements that contribute to this level of quality are clearly identified and managed as part of an ongoing delivery of appropriate and professional services.

· Ensuring correct and accurate coding

· Reviewing orders to ensure the correct size, fabric and style

· Checking that employee details are accurate including name and employee number

· Managing the record of all purchase order numbers

· Maintaining a complete and full fitting range

· Managing all documentation and administration functions including packing slips and labelling

· Providing clear instructions to employees on the care of garments including any potential requirements prior to purchase

· Maintaining contact and communicating with employees and customers relevant to all lead times and delivery of products

· Undertaking extensive consultation to ensure the right product for the application required


The entire team at Complete Uniform Solutions is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction. We thrive on happy customers that return year after year. Complete Uniform Solutions achieves this by maintaining an honest approach to business, offering value, and providing organised, consistent service.

It is important to our business that our suppliers are also trustworthy and companies with integrity. Complete Uniform Solutions has undertaken extensive research in order to develop and maintain relationships with high-quality and reputable manufacturers. Important to our methodology is the appropriate selection of fabrics and garments that deliver the required level of quality and presentation to our corporate clients. We have success in the assessment and review of manufacturers to ensure their capability in achieving the following indicators:

· Capacity to provide high quality garments that match customer expectations

· Delivery of product on time and within acceptable lead times

· Consistent and transparent pricing policies and structures

· Minimisation of any faults or defects

· Ethical sourcing policies and practices for fabrics

· Best practice in the application of environmentally sound systems and procedures

· Regular factory audits

Our relationship with manufacturers is a vital component to delivering high-quality services inside specifications, budgets and timeframes.

Complete Uniform Solutions has successfully delivered garments to local Government customers, multi-location businesses, franchises etc. The elements above are carefully monitored, controlled and reviewed on a regular basis to maintain our capability in delivering the highest quality corporate garments to all clients.